Chalki is a Greek island forming part of the Dodecanese island group in the southeastern Aegean Sea. There are two versions regarding the origin of its name: it either originated from the copper mines and workshops that existed on the island in antiquity or it is derived from the Phoenician word “karki” or “kalchi” meaning “shell” which abounded on the shores of Chalki and was traded by the Phoenicians. Chalki is a mountainous island with a rugged, rocky terrain. Nimborio, the island’s capital, harbor and only inhabited area, is a picturesque, traditional settlement with a distinct stately character. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along its narrow stone-paved lanes dotted with bougainvilleas or head to Palio Chorio with its Crusader Castle and the Byzantine church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in whose honor a grand festival is held on August 14th -15th. Yet, the most important religious festival on the island takes place on August 28th-29th at the Monastery of St John.

Chalki has been proclaimed by UNESCO as a place of peace and friendship. It is a pristine island, unspoiled by tourism, and is ideal for quiet and relaxing holidays. Its sea waters are the clearest one has ever seen.

Access to banks is not feasible; in fact, bank service is provided through one single ATM found on the entire island. Any private transportation means is not necessary here, since Chalki is a small island with a limited road network, hence, there are few automobiles circulating on it. In addition, the few beaches which are not situated in proximity to Nimborios can be reached by boat.

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